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Baby Showers & Gender Reveals

Make your baby shower or gender reveal event extra special on the Chapel House Estate

If you are planning a gift-giving baby shower or gender reveal, adoption or a welcome-to-the-world celebration, we are delighted to offer Chapel House Estate Courtyard, which includes the Lounge Bar, and No 9 Restaurant, for your special moment.

When your baby is due or you have a date for your adopted child’s arrival, everyone, including us, gets so excited. Often it’s your friends, work colleagues, parents and even grandparents who want you to put together an event, so they can welcome the newest member of the family to be.

We recommend a small party as a fun way for your nearest and dearest to ‘shower’ you with gifts, love and wishes before the arrival of your child.

When should you hold a Baby Shower or Gender Reveal?

Most showers are hosted approximately six weeks before your baby bump is due, or when you know your adopted child is arriving, but there is there is no hard and fast rule when you should hold your party.

Who organises a Baby Shower or Gender Reveal?

Traditionally planning a baby shower isn’t done by you. Often your mum, sibling or one of your close friends organises and hosts your shower on your behalf. But, its also cool and if you are an organiser or planner if you want to plan your own baby shower. All we need to know is who is the main contact. If the party is a surprise, just let us know, as to assure you we can keep a secret or two as we also organise surprise engagement moments and parties.

Who should you invite to a Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party?

Your guest list for a baby shower, adoption or gender reveal celebration often includes close family members, friends and work colleagues, however, there is no reason why you can’t organise a bigger celebration party. Just let us know what you are planning as we recommend for parties 80 plus you move your celebrations into the large Thorne Barn. The Thorne Barn is perfect for 150 seated or 200 standing.

What should you eat and drink at a Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party?

There is no one food that is appropriate for a baby shower, adoption celebration or gender reveal but here on the Chapel House Estate we can offer a range of foods to make your experience bespoke to you. You can go for a more formal sit down meal and choose from a two or three course meal, which your guests choose from, or opt for a more relaxed stress-free option such as modern grazing boards or a quintessential afternoon tea, where all we need is yours and your guests dietary requirements. Here at Chapel House Estate for drinks we offer a comprehensive drinks menu that includes non-alcoholic bubbles and non-alcoholic mocktails so no one ‘misses out’ on the fun!

Who pays for a Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party?

Depending on who organises your baby shower depends on who pays, and on your circumstances but this is one of those moments when it is okay to ask your guests to pay for themselves.

Do you need to choose a theme or colour for your Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party?

If you are involved in planning your party, there is no need to decide on a theme or colour but this is a moment for photos so colours or themes can include:

  • whimsical woodland
  • Farm, jungle or animals
  • sporting
  • seasonal vibe, like yellows for spring, or baby blues for a boy, or pretty pinks for a girl.

What should your baby shower invitation include?

Here are a few points on what to include in your baby shower invite:

  • The parent-to-be-names
  • Contact details
  • The venue, postcode and any specific details for parking
  • The date, and time
  • Details about the food and drinks, if they are to choose from a menu and if your guests are expected to pay or not
  • Information about gift giving or if you have a baby registry
  • Don’t forget to request any dietary requirements
  • And don’t forget to ask for an RSVP.

We can’t wait to hear from you, and share your very special celebration. Love Chapel House Estate team.

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