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Sustainability Statement Chapel House Estate Ltd

Why is operating Greenly important to us

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Our Green Story So Far

 When facing the task of turning the 1290 Chapel House Estate into a sustainable and green wedding venue, our first point of action was to work alongside an ecologist so that we could approach construction in an educated manner, with nature in mind. We have preserved as much of the established planting as possible and have added to the new landscape, including several ornamental trees and over 500m of hedging around the Estate, providing a home for a wide and diverse number of wild inhabitants.

Ever conscious of our wildlife, the lighting throughout the site has been designed to emit low light where possible to safely guide you where you need to get but so as not to disturb our native residents.

How we aim to implement this ethos

Sustainable gardening at Chapel House Estate

  • The grounds and gardens of Chapel House Estate are managed with good environmental stewardship in mind. Every gardening decision and practice observes the following goals:
  • To produce less waste.
  • To use fewer or no chemicals.
  • To attract and encourage wildlife.
  • To reduce our CO2 emissions.
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Initiatives taken to achieve the above goals include:

  • Re-using plastic plant pots, which in turn reduces single-use plastic.
  • Saving water by installing water butts, planting thoughtfully to suit our soil and climate (e.g. drought-tolerant plants), mulching to retain moisture, and not watering the lawns.
  • Making our own compost (no plastic bags required, no delivery). Or, when buying commercial compost, choose a peat-free variety that is delivered in compostable bags.
  • Using biodegradable plant labels, wool or jute twine, metal plant supports, or making our own using hazel branches.
  • Planting trees and ensuring that the ones that we have are well maintained.
  • Planting hedges instead of fences to increase natural habitat, planting flowers that attract pollinators and allowing wild areas to simply do their thing.
  • Installing bat/bird boxes and bug hotels and creating log/twig/leaf piles at the back of borders.
  • Prioritizing electricity over petrol.
  • Starting with the least toxic remedy to resolve pest or weed problems.
  • Propagating new plants and collecting seeds.
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Minimising Waste And Consumption Throughout

Minimising waste is a priority for us here at Chapel House Estate. We recycle and reuse wherever possible. Vegetable peelings are added to the compost, and drinks fridges are switched off between events. We have a high-tech lighting control system so that areas can all be separated, meaning that unused areas are not lit or heated unnecessarily. All washrooms on site have refillable glass bottles, which are topped up with natural products that arrive in recyclable packaging. All confetti used at weddings on-site must be biodegradable, real, or dry petals.

Local community

Our staff all live within the local villages and neighbouring towns of Minster, Kent. We work closely with our chef to ensure we purchase as much produce locally as possible and are presently working on our 20-mile radius fork-to-plate menu.

During the careful renovation of the historic buildings such as the Old Malt Granary Barn, construction and development of Chapel House Estate, there have been a significant number of items we have needed to restore and purchase materials for.

We have made a conscious effort to work with local businesses to dress Chapel House with furniture, artwork and supply drinks to the Estate for weddings and events. We have an extensive range of local spirits, ciders, and wines, which helps sustain local businesses and reduce our carbon footprint when it comes to shipping.

Chapel House Estate
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Economically Sustainable

To preserve the Estate an important source of revenue has been to transform the previous farm into an incredible wedding venue. Now couples can get married in the picturesque surroundings of the wonderful British countryside in Kent and then stay in the beautifully converted Chapel on the night of their wedding.

We have further diversified income opportunities to preserve the historic Estate by offering the venue for corporate events and we have launched the No 9 Restaurant.

Moving forward

Here at Chapel House Estate, we will continue improving our sustainability footprint at every opportunity to align with our guests’ values and their love for nature and the countryside. We endeavour to minimise waste and power consumption at every available opportunity. Each day, we endeavour to find alternative ways of working to continue reducing our carbon footprint and ensure we act responsibly, considering the wider implications of our actions. Chapel House Estate strives to see our lives having a positive, not negative impact on the flora and fauna.

This Sustainability Statement was last updated on  5/08/2023

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