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2025 wedding predictions by Sam Lloyd, The Wedding Owl

Content Creators

In 2025, you can expect to see a rise in the presence of content creators at weddings.

Content Creators specialise in producing digital content such as videos, photos, and social media posts. Depending on couples’ objectives post-wedding, having a content creator at their wedding elevates the documentation of their special day to a professional level. 

Content Creators have expertise in editing and storytelling, allowing them to craft beautiful narratives capturing the moments, emotions, and details of couples’ weddings in a creative, artistic way and not the formal way, ensuring that couples have high-quality memories to cherish for years to come.

The Content Creator’s work can then be shared with friends and family and even serve as inspiration for others planning their own weddings.

Pets at weddings

In 2025, as couples refuse to leave their pets at home, we believe we will see an increase in pets participating in weddings.

We are not just talking about ceremonies but spending all day rejoicing with their loved ones.

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Colour, colour and more colour

In the wedding scene of 2025, expect to bid farewell to the dominance of green and white floral arrangements and styling.

Generation Z couples will embrace vibrancy, infusing their big-day celebrations with an explosion of whimsy colours.

From bold hues to playful seaside ice cream and sorbet colour combinations, weddings will become more vibrant and eclectic, reflecting the joyful spirit and individuality of the couples tying the knot.

Sustainable Weddings

With an increasing focus on environmental conservation, more couples will opt for carbon-neutral outdoor wedding venues and more eco-friendly weddings, incorporating sustainable practices such as zero-waste catering and recycled and hired-in decor.

Tech Integration

Technology will continue to play an increasingly significant role in weddings in 2025, with couples researching their wedding venues through online platforms like Bridebook, Hitched etc, online platforms. This will result in less and less couples visiting wedding venues, narrowing their must-visit to around three venues only.

Micro Weddings

Intimate gatherings with a smaller guest count will remain popular, as some couples, especially second marriages, prioritise quality time with loved ones over large-scale events. Couples will opt for more of a cosy restaurant-style but private wedding with wine pairing, a cheese course and cocktails, making the No 9 Restaurant, Courtyard and Lounge Bar a must-visit for foodie couples looking for a smaller, more intimate wedding in 2025.

intimate weddings

Personalised Experiences

Couples will continue the trend for highly personalised weddings that reflect their unique personalities and interests, like flying in or out of a venue by helicopter, themed receptions to bespoke entertainment, including live music and a band, plus interactive guest activities. 

Couples might include:

  • DIY Cocktail Stations: Enabling guests to create their own signature cocktails or mocktails, adding a personalised touch to their beverage choice.
  • Providing a Games Area: Set up a designated area with lawn games like beer pong, cricket, and tug of war to encourage friendly competition and mingling among guests and don’t forget the children (link to the company who did our last open day)
  • Guest Book Alternatives: Instead of a traditional guest book, couples might provide interactive alternatives like a fingerprint tree, where guests leave their fingerprints as leaves on a tree, or a Polaroid guest book, where guests take a photo and leave a message.
  • Food Stations: Couples will continue the trend for more interactive street food stations, such as a make-your-own taco bar, sushi rolling station, or gourmet popcorn bar, where guests can customise their snacks and those age-old favourite stonebaked pizzas.
Pizza at No 9 Restaurant
  • Crafting Stations: Provide supplies for DIY crafts like decorating cookies, making flower crowns, or creating custom wedding favours, allowing guests to express their creativity.
  • Social Media Challenges: Create wedding-related challenges or hashtags for guests to participate in and share on social media platforms, encouraging interaction and engagement online.
  • Scavenger Hunts: Couples might organise a wedding-themed scavenger hunt for guests to explore the venue more and find hidden clues or items, fostering teamwork and excitement.

These engaging guest activities will require couples to select wedding venues in 2025 that offer ample space, accommodating both indoor and outdoor settings, and on-site accommodation to enable the celebrations to go on until the licence allows.

Cultural Fusion

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, multicultural weddings celebrating diverse backgrounds and traditions will continue to rise in popularity, leading to beautiful blends of rituals, cuisines, and attire from different cultures.

Alternative Venues

Non-traditional wedding venues such as art galleries, museums, orchards, farms and private estates will become even more sought after, offering couples distinctive settings to exchange vows and celebrate.

Chapel House Estate

Fashion Forward

Wedding attire will continue to evolve, with couples embracing unconventional styles, colours, and designs that reflect their individual tastes and fashion sensibilities. And watch out with the cultural fusion weddings, a change of outfit during the day.

Wellness Focus

Wellness-centered weddings prioritising self-care, mindfulness, and relaxation could become more prevalent, with activities like massages incorporated into the festivities.

Digital Invitations and RSVPs

Traditional paper invitations are likely to be  replaced or supplemented by digital alternatives, making the invitation process more efficient and eco-friendly, but personally, if couples do want to go vibrant and give keepsakes, you can go wrong with As many as menu cards from companies like Long Live Love 

Breakfast “Cakes”

In 2025, a rising trend is the introduction of breakfast “cakes” during the getting-ready morning of weddings. Instead of the traditional breakfast spread that often goes untouched, couples opt for these delightful creations inspired by morning favourites. Picture layers of fluffy pancakes with Nutella, indulgent waffles topped with honey, cream, and fresh fruit, or even stacks of pastries held together by layers of jam and cream.

Not only do these treats add a whimsical touch to the early wedding festivities, but they also make for stunning photos, elevating the excitement of the getting-ready moments.

In summary, I predict couples in 2025 will want a wedding day that is both deeply personal, fun and adventurous, embracing unique experiences and WOW moments from when the day starts that reflect their individuality and personalities. With the assistance of content creators, they’ll capture the vibrancy and show-stopping highlights of the day, ensuring that every cherished moment is immortalised.

Guests will actively engage with the entertainment, contributing to a joyful celebration and unforgettable photogenic moments.

With kind thanks to Sam Lloyd, The Wedding Owl

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