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Embracing Nature at Chapel House Estate

Welcome to the Chapel House Estate blog, where we celebrate the beauty of nature and the rich biodiversity that thrives on our grounds. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Nik, our dedicated wildlife expert, who brings his passion and expertise to enhance and preserve the natural wonders of our estate.

Meet Nik: Our Local Environmentalist

Nik’s journey with nature began in the neighbouring village of Minster, where he grew up with a deep love for the environment. His dedication to wildlife and increasing biodiversity makes him an invaluable part of our team at Chapel House Estate. As Nik shares, “Being invited to Chapel House to help with giving wildlife a hand was a great opportunity.”  Follow him on social media.

wildlife at chapel house estate

A Haven for Wildlife

Chapel House Estate, with its picturesque setting and thoughtful development, is a sanctuary for a diverse array of wildlife. Thanks to the previous owner’s efforts, who prioritised nature in the estate’s development, we are privileged to enjoy many beautiful and biodiverse spots.

Nik first visited us in early 2024 to conduct a comprehensive wildlife survey. His discoveries have been fascinating and informative, guiding our efforts to nurture and protect the estate’s natural inhabitants.

Birds of Chapel House Estate

Birdwatching at Chapel House Estate is a delightful experience. Among the various species that call our estate home, Blackbirds are particularly abundant, thriving in our hedgerows and open spaces. It’s no surprise that the Blackbird is the symbol of Chapel House Estate.

Nik’s surveys have also revealed the presence of Buzzards, Sparrow Hawks, Goldfinches, Stock Doves, Robins, Wrens, Chaffinches, and even the elusive Little Owl. To support our feathered friends, we’ve installed numerous bird boxes across the site, providing safe nesting spaces for them.


The Monolith: A Tree of Life

One of the most intriguing features of Chapel House Estate is the majestic Walnut tree standing near the cabins. Although it appears to be in its final stages of life, this ancient tree is far from just a “dead tree.” It has been preserved as a monolith, a rare and invaluable habitat for wildlife.

Deadwood and dying trees are teeming with life, hosting countless insects and offering nesting cavities for birds. Nik is particularly fond of this tree, often inspecting it and even giving it a hug, recognising its significance and historical value.


The Enchanting Orchard

Our apple orchard is another jewel of Chapel House, bursting into vibrant life each spring. Thanks to Juliet, our brilliant resident gardener, the orchard has transformed into a beautiful meadow. By allowing the lawn to flourish naturally, she has created a serene space buzzing with bees, butterflies, and various other insects.

Walking through the orchard’s meandering paths is like embarking on a mini safari. You discover diverse wildflowers and enjoy the symphony of bird songs and insect hums. The presence of mistletoe on the apple trees adds a touch of enchantment, making it an incredibly romantic spot—perfect for weddings.

outdoor wedding venue

A Romantic Wedding Venue

Chapel House Estate, with its harmonious blend of natural beauty and carefully nurtured wildlife, offers an unparalleled setting for weddings. Imagine exchanging vows amidst blooming meadows, ancient trees, and the sweet songs of birds—a truly magical and romantic experience.

We invite you to explore Chapel House Estate and immerse yourself in its natural wonders. Whether you’re here for a peaceful retreat, a wedding, or simply to enjoy the beauty of nature, our estate offers a sanctuary for both people and wildlife.

Stay tuned for more updates and stories from Nik as he continues to discover and share the wonders of Chapel House Estate.

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