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How to incorporate your beloved furry friends into your wedding day

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How to incorporate your beloved furry friends into your wedding day

When getting married, one of the biggest goals is to gather everyone you love around you to share in your big life moments. As massive dog lovers, here at Chapel House Estate we therefore understand that it’s a no-brainer, you are going to want to  include your fur babies in your wedding day; they are family, after all!

Including your pet in your order of the day

Incorporating your beloved animals into your wedding day can make it even more special and complete. 

As much loved family members, pets may have been involved in your love story, how you met and possibly played a role in your engagement. So, if you want to include your four-legged friend or even give them a significant role during your wedding day as a proper pet and dog-friendly wedding venue, we recommend choosing a role that suits your pet’s character and one they will enjoy.

  • Pre-wedding pampering, which might include a wash and blow-dry on the morning of the wedding in the Beauty Lodge while everyone else is getting ready
  • Greet your guests on arrival – A waggly welcome is bound to put a smile on your guests’ faces!
  • Walk down the aisle with your furry best friend
  • Ring bearer
  • Flower pup or pups!
  • Pup-of-Honour
  • Witness your first kiss as a married couple
  • Pooch of honour
  • Best dog
  • Cake Cutting
  • First Dance.

During Your Wedding Ceremony

At Chapel House, we understand that adding sometimes-unpredictable non-human participants brings new challenges to a wedding ceremony. Kent County Council reminds us that guest safety must be considered, so we also recommend taking out wedding insurance. Suppose you book Chapel House Estate for your wedding day, in that case, you will be given access to a private password-protected area, The Little Green Book of Suppliers, with details of wedding insurance services and other niche wedding suppliers.

Kent County Council have stated, “If a couple would like to include animals in their ceremony, whether they are part of the ceremony, i.e. owls being ring bearers or their dog being present at the ceremony”, the below guidance should be followed:

∙you will take full responsibility for the health and safety of your guests, staff and other suppliers and any housekeeping issues that may arise as a result of an animal being present
∙you or the supplier must be responsible for checking that the animal is entirely up to date with vaccinations and other safety requirements, and you must let the venue know beforehand
∙The animal is appropriately restrained, and a named adult is allocated to take responsibility for it
∙you must provide full information about the arrangements for an animal to be part of the ceremony when you return your ceremony choices, as they have allergies or phobias of certain animals, so you will select staff accordingly.

Seven ideas when including pets on your wedding day

1. Think about your pet

Pack your pet’s toys, balls, favourite blankets and treats. Or why set up a treat bar or have a specially designed dog-friendly wedding cake or cupcakes for your furry friends to enjoy if more pets are present? Also consider:

2. What is your pet to wear?

Some couples might choose not to dress- up their pet as they don’t want them irritated on such an important day. But you could consider coordinating your accessories. If your pet is happy you could go for a black tie look, a neckerchief or bandana, ask your florist for a flower collar, corsage or why not decorate their lead with greenery.

3. Think about pet picture-perfect photo opportunities

Don’t forget to add some shots of you and your furry loved one when writing your shot list together.

4. Pet-inspired charity wedding favours

Buy lapel badges from an animal shelter you support and add details on how your guests can donate.

5. Pet-friendly photo booth

Why not include props and accessories for your pets to model when booking a photo booth?

6. Wedding flowers

When picking your bouquet and flower arrangement, remember to check with your florist that they are okay around pets. For example, some flowers are toxic to cats.

7. Choose a pet-friendly wedding photographer

Remember to choose a wedding photographer who is experienced in working with animals and loves humans and capturing pet portraits! When bringing your pet for recky to Chapel House Estate, it’s also an excellent time to introduce your pet to your photographer, their camera and equipment is critical and could turn into the perfect engagement shoot!

8. Hire a pet sitter

If you are getting married in a church, you should consider a pet sitter so that they can tire your dog out by taking it for a walk during your wedding service.

Or perhaps your pet is particularly nervous or just loves food, and you don’t believe you can’t ‘trust them’, for example, during your drinks and canapés reception or even during your wedding breakfast. Why not consider organising a reputable pet sitter or dog walker to ensure they help care for your dog and ensure you have a stress-free big day? The pet guardian can keep your pets away from alcohol, chocolate and fruit cake (the latter is so crucial with dogs) and take in the stunning coastal scenery on a walk on the beach (Pegwell Bay Country Park) or the sitter can just exercise them in one of the three paddocks. There is plenty of outdoor space on the Estate, with 35 acres. We have also cut lovely paths through and around the wildflower meadows.

If you hire a pet chaperone, remember to set aside time before the wedding to set up a getting-to-know each other. And do bring your pets to Chapel House Estate to get them used to the environment, especially if they are routine-based pets.

Your Pets welfare

At Chapel House Estate, we ensure your pets’ safety and comfort are a top priority. We understand that some pets might love being surrounded by many people, but some might find attending a wedding a little overwhelming.

Within Chapel House, located on the ground floor, with easy access, we have created a cool (in the summer) and calm dog-friendly space where we include a comfy dog bed and bowl. So your dog can retreat if the day gets too much, or they can rest during dinner or when the dancing starts too much. The house is so close that it’s easy to fetch them for your speeches and first dance or to give them those all-important cuddles.

Please note that we charge you a small fee for your pets staying in Chapel House to cover any minor mishaps, and there are two ponds, one is the Dew Pond, and the second is located in the private gated garden adjacent to the Garden Room.

What If You Don’t Want To Bring Your Pets?

If your pet is too young, too old or not good around people why not include cardboard cutout cameos for your photobooth or on the dance floor.

Pet-friendly wedding venue

If you can’t bear the idea of your pet not being at your wedding, it is only natural to want to include them in one of the most memorable days of your lives. At Chapel House Estate, Minster, Kent, England, we understand that having pets present on your special day can add an even more special element to your wedding. So, if you want your wedding to feel complete don’t regret not having your pet with you on your wedding day; book a show around of Chapel House Estate, bring your pet or pets and choose a pet-friendly wedding venue that loves including your loved one or two on your big day.

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